Slide SEO definition Search Engine Optimizacion It is the strategy and use of techniques, such as content editing, navigation, HTML code, link campaigns and more actions, to improve organic search results, that is, those that are not paid. Simplify your Business S

Slide SimplifyYourBusiness, as the word defines, wants to make it easy for you. Through an audit of your website, we study the quality of the content and the presence on the World Wide Web, as well as internal linking strategies to identify improvements in your SEO performance and improve your visibility. Search engine optimization is not a one-size-fits-all situation, each of our SEO campaigns is specifically built with our client in mind to achieve goals and get the highest return.

Slide Why is organic positioning or SEO positioning so important? · SEO is not a cost, it is an investment.
· Makes your website more accessible, both for search engines and for the user.
· SEO attracts relevant traffic with high conversion potential.
· It is the best way for users to find you when they search for what you offer.
· SEO can multiply the impact on your website.
· Build trust and credibility with the user.
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