Why advertise on Facebook Ads?

Facebook Campaign

When it comes to reaching your potential customer, there are few tools that give better results than Facebook Ads.

And more importantly, you don’t need to be a specialist to enjoy it. With basic knowledge in segmentation and creativity you can reach that person who is willing to buy from you.

You’ll need patience, you’ll need effort, you’ll need commitment, but when you do, you’ll be able to see how your ad helps you attract the attention of the right people at the right time.

All this makes it an opportunity to add to your marketing strategy in this year 2023 that is about to start.

Combining this proposal with a good content strategy, you will create a very powerful recruitment network that positions you as the number one option in their mind.

Now we tell you why you should use it and how you can achieve those results. But first, remember. If you have any questions or want us to help you, you can write to us through this contact form.

Facebook Ads: Is this another opportunity for 2023?

In recent years, new social networks and advertising platforms have appeared that invite us to ask ourselves a question: Is Facebook Ads still a suitable choice in 2023?

Although later we will tell you why, we anticipate that the answer is a resounding yes for a simple reason: between Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp there are more than 2,000 million active users, who connect at least once a week.

Which means that you can reach in a segmented way practically any customer profile you are looking for. In fact, we could say that there is no advertising platform that allows you to better direct the message.

Combining the right words, to the right person and at the right time is one of the best strategies to ensure results that can come into existence.

A platform for creativity, optimization and results

So far we know it’s an opportunity, we know there are billions of active users, but how can we take advantage of the Facebook Ads option?

Because, although we would like to tell you that it is a click of a button and that the work is done, the reality is different. There is a very important preliminary work that we have to do.

This is what is known as research. And it is only if we know everything about the specific audience to which we are targeting, we will have the opportunity to generate the results we are looking for.

To do this, we must carry out two types of research:

  • An internal investigation in which we analyze all the details of our business, our client and the reasons that lead him to buy.
  • And other external research that analyzes the sector in which we work, identifies opportunities and looks for how to position ourselves differently.

Most companies don’t do that job, and if they don’t take it seriously enough, they lose most of their advertising investment.

But in reality, this is good news. Because if your competition isn’t doing its job well, there’s a much wider world of opportunity for you.

Now the question is, what do we have to focus on to achieve those results? All this is detailed below.

Facebook Ads

Targeting capability: the best utility of Facebook Ads

When it comes to advertising managers, there is no shortage of different tools and services to help you create attractive and effective campaigns.

However, one of the most important things to keep in mind is segmenting your target audience.

It’s important to understand who you’re trying to reach and what they’re likely to respond to. This is where Facebook Ads targeting comes into play.

By dividing your campaign into different groups, Facebook Ads can help you reach your target audience effectively.

You can also target specific interests or demographics, so you can create an engaging campaign tailored to your target audience.

Although not everything is as beautiful as it seems. That segmentation is an opportunity, but during the last years there have been a series of changes that have limited its potentiality.

But as the saying goes, we should not worry about anything, because when one door closes, another opens.

And, in this context, the role of the message we are launching has become much more important.

We have to make sure that what we tell works so that our audience feels identified and that it discards those people we do not want to pay attention to us.

How can we do such a job? Relying on everything we have learned from our client in the research phase.

Low investment in ads: high results in profitability

In economic efficiency, Facebook Ads is one of the most profitable tools you can find.

It will allow you to place a maximum and minimum daily investment to maintain control of what happens, maintaining control of how the investment develops at all times.

All this makes it the most efficient advertising channel that exists, above generalist platforms such as television or radio.

Here we make sure that only our potential customer sees our ad and we will not waste the time of those who would never buy from us.

With proper planning and research, as well as a willingness to experiment, any brand or business can harness the power of Facebook ads and reach their target audience.

Go further thanks to the famous algorithm

As a social tool that is Facebook, it maintains the rules of social networks.

As you know, these platforms are places where the famous virality occurs. That a person likes a content, shares it, then another… and reach thousands of people.

One of the great possibilities we have with our campaigns is to look for this effect. Above all, for two reasons.

The first is a greater possibility of reaching our potential customer.

The second is that the dissemination that occurs by the users themselves will not cost part of the investment. It will be free!

Will you start implementing a Facebook Ads strategy in 2023?

If after reading this article you feel that Facebook Ads can be part of a strategy for your company in 2023, we encourage you to take the step.

Whether someone learns from your team to apply it, or if an external agency is hired, you will enter a new sea of opportunities that will allow you to find clients who until now did not know you exist. And that’s a great business opportunity.

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