Why is ecommerce product photography so important? – 2020

fotografía de producto

Photographs play a fundamental role in the design of a web page. Considering that people are mainly attracted to what they see, it is essential that you include in your online shopping space quality images of the products you sell. Why is product photography important for virtual stores? The creation and presentation of content with a high degree of visual information that is attractive and valuable to your audience is a mechanism that will allow you to increase the number of visits, conversions and sales you make through your website. The use of suggestive images can greatly influence the purchase intention of users. Product photographs show the performance of your products; They are the main point of contact with your audience and serve to support their purchase decision. The objective, therefore, is to create appropriate images for each point of interaction with the client, according to your commercial strategy and the architecture of your website. Strong reasons to include images of quality products in your e-commerce There are several reasons for the inclusion of optimized photographs on web pages intended for the sale of products. Among them, you can find the following: 1. They contribute to differentiate your company and your digital space from the rest. For this, it is necessary that you use creative images that manage to attract the attention of your target audience, giving a distinctive seal to your brand. 2. Thanks to the use of adequate images you will be able to connect, in a better way, with the different segments of your audience. You can adjust the tone and composition depending on the characteristics of your different types of clients. 3. They help users to have a more accurate idea of ​​the particularities of the products you offer. It is advisable that you publish photographs that “describe” them in detail; To achieve this you can take photos of the product from different angles. It is also convenient to show, through images, how it works, as well as the final results achieved when using it. 4. They are essential to increase both the motivation and the level of confidence that users feel towards your products. These are aspects that directly affect the increase in conversion rates. In conclusion, for the photographs to provoke the expected reaction among your audience, it is essential that they are of excellent quality. They have to be sharp and precise. Making a correct selection of the images of your products will favor that a greater number of people feel attracted by these. At the same time, it will help optimize the visual interactions you have with your customers, generating a polished and consistent brand experience.

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